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Solar Heating


Fibreglass Swimming Pool Kits


A very simple 4 step process

  1. Select a Pool shell
  2. Select a Colour
  3. Select Optional extras (as required)
  4. Contact us for your 'ultra competitive' price including delivery

 Pool Kit Inclusions

Item Details
Pool Shell (size and shape) Select shell from range
Std free colours * Standard Colours
Filter Monarch Series by Davey Cartridge  (determined by pool size)
Pump Monarch Series by Davey (determined by pool size)

Handover Kit

Flexi vacuum head

deep bag skimmer

professional wall brush

telepole 2.4 to 4.8m

supaflex hose 11m or 15m

therometer, test kit



Skimmer box, hydro valve Included
Chlorinator - Salt Water Self Cleaning Monarch Series by Davey Chloromatic 16 or 24 (determined by pool size)
Solar Provision (Shell Fittings) 2 x  Safety suction and 1 x eyeball

* Harvest Fibreglass Pool Colours

Colours: the kit includes Sapphire blue or Lagoon Blue

Other Standard colours add $400 per pool

Cultured range add $60 per meter

Starlight range add $80 per meter

Shimmer range add $125 per meter

Optional Extras


PH Feeder added to Chlorinator

Underwater Lights     

Auto Cleaner

Pool Blanket

Pool Blanket Roller

Hand Rails

We deal with many suppliers and can provided accessories in the brand of your choice if required.



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Prices may change at any time